Getting medical treatment in Kyiv (Ukraine)

Eurolab is a well-known medical center located in Kyiv (Ukraine). At Eurolab we provide high-class healthcare services to the local and international patients since 2006 and it is the ideal facility for all your healthcare needs.

We offer Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dermatology, Family Medicine, Neurology, Endocrinology, Mental Health, and a full range of diagnostic services.

Whether you’re in need of a general health check-up, diagnostics, treatment for an existing condition, long-term care or physiotherapy, our highly trained doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are here for you from Monday till Saturday.

clinic in Kyiv

At Eurolab, we believe in providing patient-oriented care in a safe and comfortable environment. We understand that each individual is unique and requires a personalized approach.

Our Departments

Outpatient Department (Doctor’s Consultations)

Our doctor’s recommendations can help you to feel well at work – physically and mentally. Occupational health services include vaccinations, general health checks, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and consultations on preventative methods.

doctors in Kyiv

Eurolab’s doctors are experienced specialists, candidates and doctors of sciences. Our doctors are trained and in USA, Singapore, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Israel and other countries. Our medical and administrative staff speaks English and other foreign languages.

Diagnostic (Radiological) Department

  • MRI (MAGNETOМ Avanto; Siemens).
  • CT (Brilliance 64; Philips Medical Systems).
  • X-ray (Axiom ICONOS; Siemens).
  • Mammography ( MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova; Siemens).
  • Ultrasound (Aplio 500 Platinum Series, Aplio 300 Platinum Series; Canon Medical and UGEO WS80A від Samsung Medison).
  • Endoscopy: Video Gastro- and Colonoscopy (ultrathin 8,5 mm endoscopy by Fujinon):
    • All investigations are available under sedation.
    • Histological verification of diagnosis.
    • OLGA and OLGIM Staging Systems.
    • Second opinion for histology in the best German laboratory in Berlin.
  • Breast Imaging.

Breast imaging is a particular type of radiology imaging which focuses solely on breast health. At Eurolab we use a variety of ways for Mammary Glands Screening such as Mammography (incl Mammograms for Women with Breast Implants), MRI and Ultrasound.

MRI in Kyiv

Laboratory Diagnostics

We offer more than 2000 standard and unique laboratory tests using automatic analyzers by Siemens, Roche, Sysmex, Instrumentation Laboratories.

Eurolab provides about 30 000 genetic investigations including Oncogenetics, Diseases Risks Screening, Pharmacogenetics, Nutrigenetics.

Laboratory in Kyiv

Medical Tourism to Ukraine

As one of the best and modern medical centers in Ukraine EUROLAB provides medical services for international patients.

Our benefits are:

  • High-class medical services according to standards ISO 9001:2015, certificates PREVECAL (BioSystems S.A., Spain) "B.HUMAN" and "COAGULATION".
  • Cooperation with most famous international insurance companies.
  • Full spectrum of services at one spot.
  • Numerous visitors from foreign countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Iraq, UAE, Germany, Austria, Georgia, Spain declared that they are very lucky to find at Eurolab such a nice ratio of price and quality.
  • Most of our doctors are English- speaking.
  • Eurolab provides consultations and diagnostic reports in the language you and your treating Physician from your home country understand.
  • You can do all necessary investigations and consultations during 1 day.
  • Follow up online consultations with doctors.
  • We provide recipes for medications in English so you can by your prescribed drugs in other countries without problems.

EUROLAB guarantees cost effective quality for the best medical services. Visit us to save your time and money, get your stress-free experience of medical care in Ukraine.